Friday, April 25, 2008

My "Dr. Merrill" Stellata

One of the classiest groups of trees for the landscape are the magnolias. Few trees say, “Spring is almost here!” as do the showy deciduous magnolias. This group of fine, ornamental small trees put on a display of flowers long before the first leaf buds unfold. My ‘Dr. Merrill’stellata produces a profusion of fragrant, large white, starry flowers. Looks like someone tied beautiful soft satin ribbons all over the branches. Sipping coffee, gazing outside in the early morning hour is sweet!

I took these pictures the beginning on the week. Cool night temperatures are helping to keep the flowers from weathering. Past years, I've seen the flowers shrivel and decay in a matter of a few days falling to nourish the earth. The spirit of the earth has been kind.

From the Distance

Against the azure sky of life, but with clouds.

Reversed Silhouette

Lifted upwards

Exposed in full glory.