Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sex, Death, Dinner?

The occasion was a roundtable of art-world muckety-mucks, devoted to the work of the Spaniard widely considered the world’s most inventive chef, a pioneer of the intriguing, mad branch of cuisine known as “molecular gastronomy.”
New York art critic Jerry Saltz doesn't eat in restaurants often, but found himself invited to a meal at El Bulli, the Catalonian restaurant of Ferran Adrià, the Picasso of Food. Adria is the Spanish chef for whom food seems a material with which to create a kind of conceptual art experience. Check out the videos below. Intriguing

Food as ART in a "Sensual Display" of flavours ~ in the above photo that which appears to be "dirt" is actually ground cocoa.
(Photo: Francesc Guillamet/Courtesy of El Bulli)
A multisensual 32-course, five-hour dinner, in part.

"If you want new emotions, and really big emotions - you need new techniques!"

This video was posted with Daniel in mind. Race ya to El Bulli's!

In Jerry Satlz's own words - "I consumed—or was consumed by—the multisensual 32-course, four-hour dinner. It was meal as inner and outer spectacle, symphony, journey, rite, and orgy. I barely know what I ate. There were the famous gels and foams. Nothing looked like what it was; nothing tasted like what it looked like. When someone told me what I was eating, I seemed to lose the thread. I kept muttering, “Don’t talk, I can’t taste.”
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