Monday, October 31, 2011

Experience Blue!

A night under a sky so blue,
so blue, so blue.

The music, the setting, the emotion....all for a very worthy cause.

I should have blogged about this a couple of months ago, but just came across some of the opening music to this spectacular fundraiser that took place back in October of 2011. It was the major Bell fundraiser for CAMH called "One Night Under A Blue Sky"

You must listen to "MIRROR MASK" by Composer/Producer Robert Marchand (Bobbyfreeze). It was one of the 'opening pieces' for the gala. I would also like to acknowledge that this amazing night was produced by Montreal's Circo de Bakuza under the guidance of Vincent Drolet. Art direction by the very talented Tony Babinski.

As you stare at the top photo and play the music, it will give you a good feeling of what being there was like. Can you imagine? What an incredible audio/visual experience that elevates to a whole new level of performance.

As part of a company group whose a major Bell Canada partner, a friend was invited to this 'blue' gala and said it was most interesting and definitely worthwhile.

You may wonder what it was all about? "One Night Under A Blue Sky" was a big time corporate fundraiser run by Bell for CAMH - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health - and aside from the financial support, the event goes a long way to raising awareness and the understanding of mental health issues. We've become so enamored with our always-on, hyperconnected lifestyles, it's sometimes easy to forget that we're humans and not machines. If you don't think this takes a toll on mental health, I'd say you need a reality check.

From what I've heard the entertainment was a cut or two above Medievel Times. They had two world class troupes, along with several performers covering a variety of expressive modes. Let's just say it was a heady mix of highbrow cabaret, precision dance, performance art, world music and Cirque du Soleil; along with lots of haute coutere, fire, fog and water. See that piano? It was on WATER! The entertainment went beyond description and those in attendance were oooh and awwwed by spectacular music and performance artists.

Congratulations to Bell for getting so much support around such an important issue. If you're looking to take your next big party to the next level and want to add a little spark, you should probably get in touch with Freedom Ballet, Robert Marchand and La Salamandre. Just make sure you give them lots of space and don't leave anything around that easily catches fire. Anyhow, just for a taste, here's a bit of what they had going on - are you thinking Peter Gabriel?

**Photo's were taken by a guest with an iphone. I enhanced them in Picasa.
*** Tony Babinski is a Montreal based writer, creator and filmaker. He has worked with SID LEE since 2000 and is author of Cirque Du Soleil:20 Years Under The Sun, the authorized history of Cirque Du Soleil. Check out Tony Babinski's blog HERE.

***CIRCO DE BAKUZA is a creative agency specializing in events, branding and experiential marketing.We define our work as telling stories and starting conversations. Our creative and strategic services are designed to create universes, create conversation and create ambassadors.