Friday, October 11, 2013

Dance of Early Morning Fog

Layers of fog
rise slowly to greet us
We, the exhausted
Half insane from lack of sleep
yet unable to sustain our indifference
to the unfolding awesome beauty
This dew-layered fog
set against an awakening Sun
An incomprehensible ghost-dance among the branches
Shifting hues of soft light play upon our tired eyes
We drive slowly our breaths shallow and silent
for fear that the spell be broken and the mist disperse
Disperse like a forgotten dream.


Jason said...

simply beautifull


Thank you Jason and thank you for commenting. I thought I'd lost everyone! lol.
I hesitated putting that shot up-it's kind of dark, but it suits my spirit these days.

TDEC said...

It is a lovely shot. It reminds me of Tormod Haugen's now unfindable The White Castle which tells the story of what happens after "they lived happily ever after". In the book, the fog in autumn hides elusive dancers who leave nothing but the dead leaves and the occasional glass shoe...


Sounds so mystical, ahh but the fog will do that!