Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ms. Prada’s plans for a New Art Foundation in Milan

Who is Miuccia Prada?

Fashion Designer
Mime Artist
Communist Party Activist
PhD (political science)

We should be packing our bags for Milan right now!

Last week Miuccia Prada, the 58-year-old designer announced plans for a new headquarters for her 15-year-old Prada Foundation, in a former spirits distillery in Milan. The project will restore most of the distillery’s original buildings as well as providing three new structures. They will house the 500-piece collection of contemporary art that has been put together by Prada and her husband Patrizio Bertelli over the past couple of decades.
Ms. Prada has already shown that fashion – quick-moving, dynamic, ferociously embracing globalisation – can outsmart more ponderous forms of expression. But the problem, which she recognises as surely as anyone, is this: as art learns those lessons and becomes more approachable and, arguably, more facile, will it lose its sense of gravitas?
Miuccia Prada started the foundation 15 years ago, she says, when it was hard for contemporary artists to find patrons. She was fuelled by her “obsessive” concern with thinking and ideas, “probably because I am a ’68 (person).” She uses the term to summarise a background that must be among the least orthodox ever for a fashion designer: trained as a mime artist, active in the communist party, and holding a PhD in political science.

“I thought it was important to find ways of reading the world and to understand what is happening.” She immersed herself in the contemporary art world, spending five years travelling the world, visiting artists, in search of ideas and illumination. “Artists are some of the best people I know, in terms of thinking, passion, understanding,” she says.

PRADA briefcase, perfect for the office!

I would have to agree with Ms. Prada, artists are some of the "best" people that I know as well, filled with passion and a complex understanding of what is, what was and what will be. Those who have come close to knowing an artist in a more intimate way would probably agree with me. They have an ever present vision in contrast to those who lack creative optics. Beautiful creative minds!

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I really love that bag! Interesting post. I didn't realize Miuccia held those credentials.